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Chakras + Aromatherapy + Yin Yoga

  • Community Yoga 815 Savannah Highway Charleston, SC, 29407 United States (map)

Join me for a relaxing Saturday afternoon of Yin yoga and aromatherapy to connect you deeper to the seven major energy centers (chakras) in your body. The theory is that when we become more aware of these seven major energy centers, we begin to bring our unconscious beliefs to our consciousness. Our beliefs influence our behavior and shape our habits, so by bringing them to light, we can become more aware of our behavior patterns and make changes when necessary. Each chakra resides in a physical location in the body and is associated with different organs and body parts. A blockage in the flow of our chi (or prana, as we call it in yoga), through these energy centers and channels can manifest as physical and emotional ailments.

Essential oils, yoga poses, mantras, mudras, colors, bandas, and sounds are all just techniques that allow us to connect deeper to these energy centers and keep the flow of chi (energy) moving freely.

Throughout this workshop, we'll be moving through a series of relaxing yin yoga postures and experiencing seven different essential oils specifically designed to connect you deeper to all seven chakras. 

Investment: $25