Root to Rise Coaching Program

is an 8-week {virtual} group coaching + mentorship program open to women who are looking for more self love, support, and sisterhood on their journey to optimal health + vitality.

We have to get to the ROOT of our wellness concerns before we can RISE above them.

This transformational program is a combination of private and group health coaching that only happens only ONE TIME per year. 


What's included:

  • Biweekly 1-on-1 coaching calls with Katie to help you work past limiting beliefs that are holding you back from feeling your absolute best (total of 4 calls)
  • Biweekly group coaching + sisterhood calls with other women for added support and guidance (total of 4 calls)
  • Custom ROOT to RISE essential oil roll on blend.
  • Eight modules of juicy content full of nutritional concepts, journaling questions, information about essential oils, crystals, chakras, yoga, moon cycles, breathing techniques, meditation, self care, oracle cards, goddess work, Divine Feminine, deep soul work, and all the GOOD STUFF you can start incorporating into your own life with support and guidance from Katie and the other women in your ROOT to RISE sisterhood.
  • A weekly downloadable workbook to help you dig deeper with journaling questions and reach your goals faster.
  • A weekly recorded guided meditation + intention setting call to set your week up for success.
  • Rise Sister Rise book by Rebecca Campbell, which we will read together "book club" style throughout the course of the program (one of my favorite books of all time!)
  • Access to our secret ROOT to RISE Facebook Group for added sisterhood and...
  • Tons of BONUS material!

Why group coaching?

It's been proven that we are more likely to stick to our goals when we have a group of people who are counting on us, encouraging us, and holding us accountable. 

In all of the coaching programs I've personally completed myself, it was the sisterhood part that I craved and looked forward to the most. I don't know about you, but I always feel most ALIVE and LIT UP after connecting with like-minded soul sisters.

Group coaching and sisterhood allows space for you to ask for what you need, whether it be nutrition or self-care advice, having your ideas reflected back to you, or just a shoulder to lean on.  

A group of like-minded women have the power to hold space for each other to grow and transform at a much faster pace than when we go at it alone.

Apply Now

Application Deadline: JANUARY 19, 2018

The 2018 adventure begins: JANUARY 22, 2018


module 1: root

Dig deep and discover a new way of looking at and relating to your wellbeing. This week is all about assessing where you are and setting inspired intentions for our 8 weeks together. Fun quizzes + assessments will help shine a light on areas of 

module 2: earth

We'll be taking a look at our relationship to our bodies and setting up sacred rituals for ourselves that ground us into the moment. This week's work will be the foundation for everything that follows.

module 3: water

I believe we all have Divine Creativity within us that has the potential to greatly impact the world around us if we let it flow through us. This week is about tapping into THAT. The nutritional focus will be on how to balance our female hormones naturally using food, essential oils, water (yes, water!) and other natural remedies (hint: the moon is included!)

module 4: fire

Now that you've set your inspired goals, it's time to take inspired action! This module is all about lighting that fire in your belly and paying attention to what keeps it going. The nutritional focus will be on gut health and natural ways to heal digestive disfunction.

module 5: air

You can't pour from an empty cup sister, and this week is all about how to keep your cup overflowing! Self love is my favorite primary food. We will also solidify a gratitude practice for our self care ritual toolbox. Cultivating an "attitude of gratitude" is one of the best practices you can incorporate if you want to feel better physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

module 6: sound

This week, we'll take a deeper dive into how you can show up to your life in the most authentic way possible and begin speaking your TRUTH in the world. We need to hear your voice and see your gifts. You're the only one in the Universe who possesses them.

module 7: light

When you shine brighter, you give permission to everyone around you to do the same. Our world needs more people who are living their truth, doing what lights them up and inspiring others to do the same. This week will be about doing more of what lights you up.

module 8: rise

Our final week together will be one of celebration and reflection. I've also included lots of juicy information about how to tap into and access your Divine Feminine and what it looks like to embody different aspects of it in your life.

This program is for you if...

  • You feel "stuck" in a diet, relationship, or job that isn't serving you and need the support of sisterhood to get UNstuck.
  • You're craving connection with a like-hearted soul tribe.
  • You know in your bones you aren't living the life you could be living and just need that extra support to help you break through to the next level, whatever that means for you.
  • You're exhausted and aren't sure why.
  • You struggle with cravings, bloating, adult acne or other hormone-related symptoms.
  • You have digestive issues that you can't seem to get a handle on, no matter what you try.
  • You've tried every diet and nothing seems to stick.
  • You struggle with negative self talk and poor body image.
  • You can't get a good night's sleep if your life depended on it.
  • You feel addicted and dependent on caffeine to get through the day.
  • You feel like you need to down a bottle of wine just to unwind from your day.
  • You have a low level anxiety.


*Program Investment*

Content Only :: $99

This option is for you if you're really good at holding yourself accountable and prefer to work through the program at your own pace without any coaching, support, or guidance (which is totally fine. We're all different, so no judgement. You do you!)

Content + Group Coaching :: $444

This option is for you if you'd like to go at your own pace, but also prefer the support of a group of like-minded women as well as group coaching with Katie.

Content + Group & Private Coaching :: $1,111

This option is the full enchilada, which is why there are only 4 spots available. This is for you if you're ready for serious transformation and digging deep. Not for the faint of heart or anyone who isn't going to take their butterfly metamorphosis seriously.



When your plans and schemes and your hopes and dreams beg for you to let them go.

Rise sister rise.

When the life you have so consciously created all comes crumbling down.

Rise sister rise.

When your soul is heavy and your heart is broken in two.

Rise sister rise.

When you gave it your best, and it wasn't quite enough.

Rise sister rise.

When you've been beaten and defeated, and feel so far away from home.

Rise sister rise.

When you find yourself in a thousand pieces, with no idea which bit goes where.

Rise sister rise.

When you have loved and lost. And then lost again.

Rise sister rise.

When your wings have been clipped, spirit dampened, and all you hear is a whisper.

Rise sister rise.

When you finally beg for mercy to your calling but have no idea where to start.

Rise sister rise.

Rise for you and rise for me.

For when you rise first, you make the path brighter for SHE.

{Excerpt from Light is the New Black, by Rebecca Campbell.}