Have you always wanted to learn Spanish but aren't sure where to start? 

Maybe you've tried some apps or Rosetta Stone, but don't have anywhere practical to actually PRACTICE your Spanish skills. Maybe you feel shy or silly practicing verbally and need a little "liquid courage" {aka wine} to help you through the language learning process (it sure helped me...). 

Well GUESS WHAT? I got you covered amigo/a!!

In September, I'm starting a Spanish Club for adults if you will, called Hola + Vino, which means "Hello and Wine" (creative, I know).

I (Katie) will be your Spanish profesora (that means "teacher"). What are my qualifications you ask?


  • I have my Bachelors in Spanish,
  • lived in Spain for a year,
  • taught Spanish in public schools for 10 years, 
  • have my Masters degree in Curriculum & Instruction, 
  • have traveled to several Spanish speaking countries, including Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica, and of course, SPAIN.
  • (Also, I dated a non-English speaking Spaniard for 3 years, which is definitely where I learned to become the most fluent.)

So what will this "Spanish club" consist of?

There will be wine/sangria/something alcoholic and tapas involved so you can learn basic conversational Spanish with all your friends AND enjoy some Spanish food and drink! What's better than that?

How often will we meet?

You and your group will meet every WEDNESDAY for a one hour session to learn and practice. I will be providing all of the learning materials, workbooks, resources, and anything else we use throughout our time together. If you can't make it every single week, no worries, come when you can!

This will be a very laid back atmosphere where you can kick back, relax, drink some vino, and speak some español with your favorite people. Maybe make it a weekly date night?

Field trips!

I'll also be planning a monthly "field trip" to salsa dancing, watching a Spanish movie, or Spanish wine tasting, depending on the events happening around Charleston that month. Of course, these field trips are totally optional, but are another great way to connect with other groups, practice your verbal skills, and immerse yourself in something new and different

>>Learn Spanish Energy Exchange<<

$45/session -- couples rate
$90 -- 5 class pack
$230 -- 10 class pack

$85 -- monthly auto-draft from October 2017 thru June 2018

>>Benefits of Auto-draft<<

  • Online {password protected} access to materials, workbooks, and BONUS items in case you have to miss a class (for autopay members only)
  • Payment is taken care of automatically each month-- you don't even have to think about it!

>>Session Days + Times<<

We will meet on WEDNESDAYS (miércoles) from 7:30-8:30pm

Classes begin Wednesday, October 4th!

{check "Learn Spanish" from the contact form and I'll be in touch shortly to add you to a group!}

A few pictures from my travels to Spain

{I wish I could find more! I lost so many when my computer died!}

One of my travel buddies, Celia, and I roaming around Castilla-La Mancha, Spain. This is where Don Quixote slayed all those windmills.

My very first trip to Spain was in the summer of 2006 when I was studying abroad. The background is the magical city of Toledo where I ended up moving the following year to teach English for a year.

Some girlfriends came to visit from the States and we took them through southern Spain. This was in one of the main plazas in Seville.


More windmills!!